Pyramid Water

Het genezende water uit de piramides van Bosnië

Pyramid Water

Pyramid water from the underground tunnels of the labyrinth under the Bosnian pyramids is thousands of years old.  The pyramid water, also called tunnel water, comes from a source of drinkable water charged by the energy of the Pyramid of the Sun, under which this source is located.

The water is not only drinkable and free of bacteria, but is also very beneficial, as determined from amicrobiological and chemical analysis!

A water sample from the tunnels was sent in 2013 to the laboratory of thewell-known Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto,where it was established that the crystallization of this thousands of yearsold water has not occurred on this earth before. Recent measurements havedetermined that the undiluted water has been measured at more than 1 million Bovis.


Do not use the Pyramid Water in undiluted form! The pyramid water has such a high bovisvalue that it also brings our body, which largely consists of water, to higher frequencies at a rapid rate, so that natural healing will occur.

Daily use as drinking water for prevention

dosage: 1 cap on 500 ml of water. We recommend to mix Pyramid water with water from REVITAN-waterenergizer.

Recommended use for Healing: 3caps on half a liter (500 ml). Do not drink more than 1,5 liter per day!